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              天诺介绍 TIANUO INTRODUCTION

              深圳市天诺展览展示有限公司(Shenzhen TIANO Expo CO.,Ltd)是一家致力于国内外展览展示设计、制作和搭建为一体的专业服务商。公司拥有一批高素质的展览专业人员,可以为客户提供国内外一站式服务。我们始终致力于:为参展商提供所需展会的设计、施工及搭建;为企业或组织,设计及制作,展厅、博物馆、陈列馆、纪念馆、校史馆等展示空间装饰;为客户量身定做能够体现其企业形象的办公室、专营店、专柜、终端系统。力求以最佳方案为客户营造一个对外展示,对内交流的完美平台。 天诺展览展示有限公司秉承“优质、诚信、高效”的服务宗旨,为全球客户提供展览展示设计施工一体化服务。

              Shenzhen TIANO Expo CO., LTD founded in 2010 and located in Shenzhen China, is professional service provider in exhibition industry specialized in domestic &oversea Exhibition booth & hall design, construction, and on-site building . With years of experiences, we have built up a professional exhibition team which can provide one stop service for domestic &oversea customers.

              We are always committed to:Providing trade show exhibition booth design, construction, and installation for exhibitors.Designing and building exhibition hall, museum, displaying hall, memorial hall for company and specific organization.

              Make customized design for enterprise office, exclusive store, store counter, and terminal system to enhance their enterprise image.Engaged in working on best solutions for our customer to provide them a perfect platform for displaying outside and internal commutation.

              Sincerely welcome new and old customers from domestic and abroad to visit and discuss cooperation with us.


              天诺服务 TIANUO SERVICE

              行业资讯 INDUSTRY INFORMATION

              展览知识 EXHIBItTION KNOWLEDGE


              0755-83668875 18923847799

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